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Vladi Gordon - AMZControl Interview
Vladi Gordon - AMZControl Interview

About 3 years ago Vladi Gordon started to write a software himself because in his opinion there was little or no software that made a sensible profitability analysis.
With AmzControl he has created a product that shows the profitability in real time. Analyze your key metrics: sales, profits, detailed information on Amazon fees (eg FBA, sales charge), PPC expenses, reimbursement and return costs, expenses for promotional campaigns, fixed costs (eg VA, Prep Center, tax consultants, photos, Amalyze ) by period (eg today, yesterday, this month) and by product or marketplace.

Amzcontrol automatically collects all Amazon fees and expenses. Moreover, it is possible to insert / enter fixed costs and other expenses manually, e.g. Warehouse (Prep Center), Accountants, Virtual Assistant, sample order costs, software tools, etc. Monthly expenses are automatically updated. Issues may be general or product specific (e.g., photo shoot or packaging design). Product-related expenses are taken into account in the profitability calculation of the product.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

• 0:38 Introduction
• 2:42 Will talks about how he and Vladi Gordon met.
• 4:13 How did Vladi started selling on Amazon?
• 9:14 Vladi shared how Amazon changed his life.
• 11:15 Is this a good time for other Amazon business owners to grow their business in Europe?
• 13:05 “I think the biggest problem (in Europe) is really bureaucracy” – Vladi
• 21:48 What are the advantages in starting an Amazon business in Europe?
• 24:27 Vladi discuss about the products/niches that works well in the Europe.
• 26:16 What’s the difference between orders and transactions?
• 28:36 How to calculate refunds and returns? How about hidden fees?
• 29:09 Vladi talks about his company Amzcontrol.com.
• 33:23 Vladi’s SPECIAL OFFER for FBA Millionaires listeners!

Notable Quote:

“When you’re sitting in the office the whole day and basically just checking what the status of Seller Central is and how many have you sold and then you noticed you just made money without actually working on it.  It’s pretty amazing!  I guess it’s make you want to do it again.”


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SPECIAL OFFER for FBA Millionaires listeners!


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