FBAM18 $18 Million in Sales! Learn from the Wholesale Expert Larry Lubarsky

Larry Lubarsky - Watchmeamazon
Larry Lubarsky - Watchmeamazon

Larry Lubarsky is from Brooklyn, New York. He is an Amazon seller. He started his business back in 2014 utilizing Amazon FBA, a wholesale business model, and a lot of hard work. Over the last 3 and a half years he scaled his business from an initial $50,000 investment, into over $10,000,000 in sales. Annually.

In January of 2017 while watching a Gary Vee video, he was inspired to start documenting his journey on Instagram. The purpose was to inspire, help people, and just give them a behind the scenes look at a real 8-figure Amazon business. Now Larry is super excited for this next chapter, starting a Amazon wholesale based YouTube channel.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

• 0:53 Introduction
• 1:56 Will’s introduction of Larry LAST NAME?
• 3:44 Larry talks about his background
• 6:04 Will asked how much sales Larry had last year
• 6:52 Larry discuss the Wholesale Business Model in Amazon
• 9:07 Is Wholesaling dead?
• 11:35 How do you pick the right Wholesale Product?
• 14:12 How to start/establish a relationship with a Wholesaler?
• 24:46 When you get the product how long does it take to liquidate?
• 31:04 Larry believes that you should avoid selling against Amazon
• 32:44 How do you manage the calculations of profit margins if you have a lot of products?
• 40:48 Is there any software that helped Larry when he was still starting?
• 43:55 Which market is the best for Wholesale?

Notable Quote:

“The main thing when working with the brand or with the distributor is not even so much who the actual distributor is. It’s having the ability to negotiate discounts because without discounts you are going to find it extremely tough to find a good selection of profitable products that you want to carry.”


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