FBAM12 Amazon product data reveled and choosing hit markets with Market Intelligence – Casey Gauss

Casey Gauss - Viral Launch
Casey Gauss - Viral Launch


Casey Gauss is the CEO / Co-Founder of Viral Launch. Viral Launch built and designed SaaS + Services platform helping sellers source, launch, and dominate on Amazon.
Successfully performed over 30,000 Amazon product launches for 7,000+ brands responsible for billions of dollars in sales on Amazon.
Helped multiple products achieve #1 best seller ranking in their top level category on Amazon.
Current team size of 40+, comprised of extremely talented and caring developers, creatives, coaches, and management.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

2:12 Will met Casey Gauss, the CEO and Co-Founder of Viral Launch, a few years ago and Casey is a big inspiration to him.
4:46 Casey talked about his humble beginnings.
8:56 Casey and his company is now earning 8 figures.
9:51 What are the products and services do Casey offers to Amazon sellers?
13:45 What is market intelligence can it take into consideration when deeming a product as acceptable or have a good chance for success?
22:59 What is a successful Amazon seller and how do they stay ahead of the game?
29:53 Will says, “I learned a lot from actually Casey himself. You know, having people around you that know what they’re doing and successful people always hang around and talk to people that are smarter than you. That’s how you elevate your game.”
30:37 Why do Amazon sellers fail and what changes they should do to get better results?
32:14 Casey shared what he learned throughout his journey.
35:24 What is the difference between Market Intelligence and Jungle Scout?
40:11 Special coupon for the listeners.

Notable Quote:

“I see so many people that are making decisions because they know that they can make a bunch of money or some quick money… everybody’s looking for the silver bullet. So few people are really focus on or have really thought about what is the long term… and then putting a plan or action to achieve that long term success.” – Casey Gauss


LinkedIn – Dreamer | Tech Nerd | Analytics Enthusiast | Wannabe
Twitter – @CaseyGauss
Forbes– This 24-Year-Old CEO Is A College Dropout


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Viral Launch– The go-to software and services platform helping brands Source, Launch, and Dominate on the Amazon marketplace.


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