FBAM21 What does a successful Amazon Business look like? Listen to James Thomson

James Thomson - Prosper Show
James Thomson - Prosper Show

James Thomson is the president of PROSPER Show, an educational organization focused on developing training and best-practice materials for early-stage online sellers. He is also an advisory member of Buy Box Experts.

James Thomson is the former business head of Amazonservices.com, Amazon.com’s portal for recruiting new third-party sellers. He developed the original FBA opportunity nudge program, and served as the Category Manager of Amazon’s Sports third-party business.

He has ten years’ experience as a management consultant, advising Fortune 200 and mid-cap companies on how to grow their businesses profitably through comprehensive strategies and on-the-ground tactical implementation.

He earned a Ph.D. in Marketing Strategy from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University, and an MBA in Marketing and Operations from Vanderbilt University. He has guest lectured at more than a dozen top business schools around the world, and been quoted in Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Huffington Post, CBC, Globe and Mail, CNBC, Bloomberg and many more.

What I’ve done in the past:
– “Think Big” puzzle solver, driven by data analytics & scrappiness to execute plans and drive operations
– Strong bias for action and ownership, driving responsible growth through highly scalable initiatives
– Analytically trained, building and leading teams to develop data-driven corporate strategy initiatives
– 15+ years’ experience developing and implementing strategy for clients in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia
– 8+ years’ experience managing and growing $500MM – $45B e-commerce portfolios
– Certified in Six Sigma Greenbelt, Operational Excellence

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

• 2:57 Introduction of the guest James Thompson.
• 4:52 James talks about how he started his career.
• 8:15 What are the best practices thriving brands can do to be succesful?
• 11:19 How does an Amazon Seller stay relevant?
• 14:48 How do companies manage prices and profitability?
• 19:35 What Amazon Sellers do that stop them from growing?
• 25:47 James discusses Outsourcing.
• 30:09 Where is the best place to look for human capital?
• 34:31 What not to do when Outsourcing
• 39:28 What does a successful Amazon Business look like?

Notable Quote:

“Focus on the products that are going to make money. It’s sound so simplistic to say and yet most of us don’t do it very well.”


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