FBAM14 How to Grow Sales in Amazon using PPC with Brian Johnson


Brian Johnson, Amazon Advertising Consultant and Co-Founder of PPC Scope, a PPC measurement and optimization tool for Amazon sellers. His career has spanned across technical, marketing, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

His current expertise is in helping sellers advertise their private label and branded products on the Amazon marketplace, focusing upon Sponsored Products- and Amazon Marketing Services- advertising.

Brian have co-founded companies in training in advanced advertising strategies, in advertising analysis and optimization software, and have built an advertising community of Amazon sellers on Facebook.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

1:29 Introduction of the guest Brian Johnson
2:30 Will considers Brian as one of the masters in Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click). How did Brian start?
5:57 There are Amazon Sellers who are successful without doing a lot of advertising. But when they
decide to invest in advertising, they don’t know what their objectives are. Why is having an advertising
objective important?
11:41 Will said, “Sometimes you need PPC, sometimes you may not need PPC”
14:15 Brian is still sourcing and selling products on Amazon. Does being an active Amazon Seller gives
Brian an advantage in helping other sellers?
17:19 What are the top 2 Amazon Metrics concerning PPC that Amazon Sellers should look at?
22:55 Brian talks about the CVR or the Conversion Rate
26:43 “You start your automatic and manual campaign the same day. There’s no waiting period.” – Brian
29:40 How do we save money or not overspend on PPC?
35:10 If you’re just breaking even on a campaign, should you continue or just stop it?
38:09 What’s the best keyword tool for research?
42:10 Brian talks about his work, software and how he helps other people.

Notable Quote:

You would think that being the PPC guy that I would always be a promoter, always to continue to run
your advertising perpetually forever but NO, it’s a business decision. If it make sense, if it’s
accomplishing your goals, your objectives that contribute to your product selling business then continue
to use it, either wise don’t.


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