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Tracy Hazzard - Hazzdesign Interview
Tracy Hazzard - Hazzdesign Interview

Tracy Hazzard is an Inc. Columnist and the co-host of three top-ranked podcasts: Feed Your Brand – just listed as one of CIO’s Top 26 Entrepreneur Podcasts to listen to in 2018; the newly launched members-only Product Launch Hazzards; and WTFFF?! – the 3D Print innovation start point featured as one of the exclusive live podcasts at SXSW 2018. With a constant stream of content and products from her authority platform, reaching over 100,000 listeners and viewers each month, Tracy influences and casts branded content and $2 Billion worth of consumer products and innovation around the world.

Hazz Design leads the conversation about strategic & tactical launch planning as the Mass Market and Amazon Product Launch Expert, advising on product design & development, brand & business growth, and services or resources that actually work. From 25 years of experience as a Retail Product Strategist and from the last decade as an Amazon Product Launch Expert, I regularly advise corporate executives, start-up incubators, marketing, and sales teams to rethink their product launch strategy to create success by design, remove launch land mines and build impact so they can turnaround their product mix to deliver brand promise.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

• 00:30 Introduction
• 1:38 Introduction of guest Tracy Hazzard
• 2:46 Tracy talks about what she and her husband does in the last 25 years
• 4:08 How did Tracy and her husband Tom started consulting with independent Amazon Sellers? How do they help them?
• 6:33 Isn’t it easier and cheaper to just order the products in Alibaba or other sourcing company?
• 9:41 What if you have one successful product, what’s next?
• 15:29 Tracy and Tom don’t like to ignore or leave people behind who needs their help
• 24:04 What does a 9 figures acquisition look like?
• 29:45 “The big brands are pretty isolated and egotistical, there’s no question about it right?” – Tracy
• 33:00 How do we get started if we want to create our own new product?
• 37:58 What are the elements of a likable brand?

Notable Quote:

“If your goal is to build a bigger brand, if your goal is to get acquired you got to give them a reason to acquire you. You got to give them a reason to come to you and not one of your other competitors.”


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