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FBAM17 BUILD, GROW, and IMPROVE your Amazon sales with Ex Amazon Business Leader Brad Moss

Brad Moss - Product Labs Interview

Brad Moss is the CEO of Product Labs, one of the top Amazon Management Consulting companies in the world. His business experience has won him 3 entrepreneurship awards, including #1 Global Graduate Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 and 1st place in Utah’s Student 25 in 2012. He spent over 2 years at Amazon as a Business Leader, managing the 3rd Party Seller Platform, which is used in 10 countries by over 2M merchants to serve more than 200M customers purchasing more than $60B (at the time of management). During his time at Amazon he also created the “Amazon Seller” Mobile App for 3rd Party Sellers, which went on to do BIG business for Amazon. Brad has his MBA from Brigham Young University.

Brad an MBA, won multiple National HBO Film Awards, and also speak Hungarian. He believe if it isn’t big, it isn’t worth doing. Favorite quote: “Learn something about everything, and everything about something.” – Thomas Huxley

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

2:07 Will’s introduction of Brad Moss.
2:52 Brad talks about his background, how he started with Amazon and developing the Amazon Seller Mobile App.
• 7:09 Brad had struggled with how to organize the app for a better user experience.
9:20 What are the things Amazon Sellers can do to increase their rank?
14:21 What would Brad recommend to Amazon Sellers to rank in a profitable way?
21:51 Brad discuss about the importance of Branding and Costumer Relationship.
25:32 With the craze of Private Label in Amazon today, what is the best business model?
33:25 Is Private Label the best way to make the most profit?
42:55 Brad’s advice for Amazon Sellers who are discouraged and quite unsuccessful.
46:58 Brad talks about his company Products Labs.

Notable Quote:

“One of the most healthy things you can do as any Business or Entrepreneur is to take an honest look at your strengths that you have as an individual, your performance strength as well as what you developed out there”


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